Critical Consciousnes in the Classroom: A Multimedia Hip Hop Conference

- Saturday, February 18, 2012 @ 2pm
PSU Multicultural Center -

This conference launches the Moving to the Beat curriculum - a project produced over a ten-year period. The Moving to the Beat film, music and curriculum guide present hip-hop as a medium for cross-cultural dialouge and social change.

The curriculum also includes essays and activties for classroom use. The conference keynote speaker is Dr. Wayne Au, renoun pedagogical scholar and an editor of Rethinking Schools.

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In the documentary "Moving to the Beat", an African American hip-hop group journeys to Freetown, Sierra Leone to discover a spiritual homeland and resurrect Chuck D's notion of hip-hop as the "black CNN."

Going beyond the commercial hype and sexism of mainstream rap, the documentary creates a dialogue between Africans and Black Americans to explore issues of race, gender, war conflict and more, and to confront each side's stereotypical picture of the other.

The result is a deeply forged connection that transcends centuries of misunderstanding and separation.

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